Sunday, January 22, 2012


This past week, I received the news that the essay I wrote about my first semester of teaching with Anki has been accepted for publication in our university's inhouse journal! Hurrah!

The title is "Internet-based Spaced Repetition Learning In and Out of the Classroom: Implementation and Student Perception." Once I am done revising it based on readers' comments, I will post it on a google site.

I'm very excited because it is my first attempt to formally share what I am trying to do in the classroom with Anki. It is more focused on what I did in the classrooms and what the students thought of it; I did not try to prove the effectiveness of Anki.

I am also relieved because if we decide to stay in Japan longer than my five-year contract at Asia University, having publications will greatly help my job hunting...


  1. Congratz ^^

    My exams end in early februari. Want to make several videos then. Let's try some things out together. xD

  2. Dear Mesqueeb,

    We are now back in Tokyo after our month visit to America.

    University starts at the beginning of April, and I plan on using Anki again with my students and their smart phones.

    We had talked about making some youtube videos in Japanese for students so they would be better understand how to use Anki.

    Are you still interested in helping with that?

    It might be better to contact me via my gmail account at


    I am excited about teaching with Anki next semester...



  3. I teach English at a Kansai university. Saw your post on Benny Lewis' blog. I'd never heard of Anki, and would like to know more about how you're using it. Got an overview somewhere, to save me ploughing through your blog?

    Is your published article available online somewhere?

  4. Dear Guy,

    Thanks for the interest! Send me an email at rbailey911(at)gmail(dot)com, and I can send you a copy.