Sunday, December 25, 2011

Maybe Anki is too easy?

We were riding the Chuo train line back to Musashisakai last night, catching up on some Anki study. As I was reviewing my cards, some of which were quite easy, I found myself thinking, "Why am I studying this card? I already know it! This is a waste of my time..."

However, I came back to reality by remembering that the secret to Anki is to review the information BEFORE you forget it. If used properly, all reviews should be that easy. It should be effortless and fun.

Maybe our students, who are used to traditional learning and studying being difficult and unpleasant, don't see Anki as serious studying? - and therefore, not worth their time.

Maybe they think the same thing as I did on the train but don't have the understanding of how Anki works to reassure them. This, perhaps, is connected to my earlier post about students needing to understand the principles and science behind Anki.

Mesqueeb, a regular reader and commentor on this blog, has offered to make a youtube video in Japanese explaining Anki that I could show my students. I think that may be an excellent idea, especially if the video can concisely and succinctly convey the key points...

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